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OurCanberra is a new, free, innovative and not-for-profit Canberra community designed to put our users in the control seat.

Users can share photos, links to interesting websites, ask the community questions and even submit their own articles, news and join the discussion - in a nutshell, if it's about Canberra, it belongs on OurCanberra!

As a brand new community we want to spread our brand and get more Canberrans using the community. All money raised will fund a massive campaign to deliver flyers to 50,000 households, brochures to 200 businesses telling them what we do, our goals and how they can help plus we'll launch a massive Facebook and Google advertising campaign.

Help us make OurCanberra special and help us attract more users to this new community.

How funds will be used

All funds will be used to support this advertising campaign with the majority (78%) going towards the cost of materials and printing services.

A full break down of where funds will go:

  • $11,700: 78% of the funds to go to the cost of printing services for flyers, brochures and bumper stickers.
  • $900: 6% of the funds to pay a local graphic designer for their services.
  • $1,350: 9% to go to paying for freelance delivery services to deliver the flyers to households.
  • $1000+: Remaining funds to pay for a 3-month long online Facebook and Google advertising campaign.

Risk and Challenges

One of the biggest challenges will be finding a local printer who we can support to affordably provide us with the flyers and brochures. A local printer has been found and selected!

Another challenge is ensuring all flyers are successfully delivered. We'll be paying members within each local community for every 200 flyers delivered and we will have various safe guards set-up to monitor and ensure success delivery.


Will you be utilising local resources?

Yes, we'll be using local graphic designers, a local printing company and local community members to deliver the flyers.

Can I offer you my businesses services instead of money?

If you're a printer or freelance graphic designer, please contact us so we can work something out. But for all other businesses, pledges are what is going to be most beneficial to our campaign.

What payment methods does this campaign accept?

Pledges can be made by Credit Card, Direct Deposit, Cheque and Cash.

I wish to pledge $250 or more, but I don't enjoy the pub scene. Can we meet somewhere else?

Yes, thats fine, let us know and we'll work something out such as a coffee shop.

I'm ready to support this campaign!

Fantastic and thank you! OurCanberra can only be a success if you pledge so that we can grow the community.

To pledge, simply click the button below:

Back This Campaign
$5 minimum pledge


days to go

pledged of $15,000 goal

Back This Campaign
$5 minimum pledge

This campaign will be funded on April 1st 2014.


Campaign by

Michael Pasqualone

of Gungahlin, ACT

Website: www.ourcanberra.com.au

Pledge $5 or more

3 backers

THANKS: Help us take OurCanberra to the next level! You'll receive a sincere thank you from the OurCanberra team.

Estimated delivery: Early March 2014

Pledge $25 or more

2 backers

SPECIAL MEMBER BADGE: You'll receive a special foundation member badge to show off on your user profile that will forever show that you supported OurCanberra in it's early stages.

See my profile for an example.

Estimated delivery: ~24 hours after pledging

Pledge $75 or more

2 backers

BUMPER STICKER + SPECIAL MEMBER BADGE: You'll receive the above special foundation member badge plus a cool bumper sticker that will be exclusively designed only to people who pledge $75 or more.

Estimated delivery: April - June 2014

Pledge $250 or more

0 backers Limited: 20 Available

BUMPER STICKER + SPECIAL MEMBER BADGE + MEET US: Our team (3 of us currently) will meet you and up-to 4 others at a pub in Canberra City and share a beer/coffee with you.

You can pick our brain, learn more about us, see how passionate we are about OurCanberra and learn what our vision is for the community. Perfect for business owners who may want to suggest ideas to us or form an official partnership.

Estimated delivery: April - June 2014

Pledge $20,000 or more

0 backer Limited: Available to 1 Businesses Only

PLATNIUM SPONSORSHIP: Become a founding sponsor where your business (logo and website link) will forever be recognised in the footer of our website.

We'll also thank and visibly mention your business in our flyers that will be seen by 40,000 households, plus a whole other host of perks. Check our sponsorships details page for more information.

Estimated delivery: April - June 2014

OurCanberra is a not-for-profit and completely free, libre and open community run by elected Canberrans. Learn more about OurCanberra