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Local bands: Make money selling your tunes on OurCanberra

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Hey Musos,

I love music, you love music, we all love music and while are in heavy development of this community we've had our favourite music playing in the background every second. So we said to ourselves "Music is important to us, let's make it important to this community. But how do we do that?". So we've come up with a few features to offer local bands and artists.

These features are very sqeeky new and I would appreciate feedback, suggestions and any critiism. Remember, as we're a not-for-profit and community driven project we ultimiately want to create a local music platform that works for you local artists, plus the community itself.

Feature 1: Sell your CDs on the community

We encourage local artists to post a track or two to /c/music to let others listen and to let you know what they think. As-well as uploading your tracks you can also elect to sell your CDs and we'll take care of everything: order filment, postage and credit card processing. At the end of every month we'll then direct deposit (minus 7%) the proceeds from your sales directly into your bank account.

You have full control over what price you charge and we'll be listening in to your feedback on how to improve the platform.

Fees and charges

Our fee structure is simple: we take 7%. So if you sell 10 CDs at $10 each ($100 total) we'll take 7% of that which means $93 will land into your bank account.

The 7% will be used to cover credit card processing (3-4%), postage costs and handling fees. As we get more efficient we'll aim to bring this down to around a 3-5% fee.  

What you need to do

Go here: CD Sales and complete the Application Form. We'll then pick-up some of your CDs (5 to 10 to start will do) so that we have stock and begin promoting and selling them. As our stock gets low, we'll organise with you to pickup some more.

Can I post the CDs myself?

No, we'll take care of the postage to the customer. The reason is we have a very strict Privacy Policy and we're forbidden to ever giving our members personal information (such as name, address) to third parties.

Feature 2: Selling digitally

If you have your music available on iTunes you'll be able to link to the song, which will allow users to preview a 30-second part of the song and a "Buy on iTunes" button will be visible.

Don't sell on iTunes, but wish to sell digitally?

We're working on allowing you to upload tracks digitally and sell them directly on the site. Give us a few weeks to get it all up and running.


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