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OurCanberra is a not-for-profit and completely free (as in liberty) community. It's free to join, free to use and free to enjoy - with zero pressure to succeed as a business!

Roughly, that means that the community will always have the freedom to express and voice their opinions, share and distribute content and improve the community as a whole - all without obnoxious banner advertisements, sneaky paid content or influence from outside businesses or investors.

In two words, Our Canberra is about: Community first.

Funds raised by donations will be used to maintain Our Canberra's server infrastructure and allow us to steadily improve the community. The Communities planned 2013-14 Budget is set at $15,000, with $8,000 allocated to help extend the reach of the community via traditional print and online advertising.

Why donate?

Here are a few reasons why you should donate to Our Canberra:

  • Our Canberra is ad free: And always will be. We rely on donations to help pay our power and hosting fees.
  • Our Canberra will defend the Community: We're working on iron clad policies to ensure whistleblowers are protected, and we rely on donations to ensure we can protect the community in court.
  • Constant improvement: We're committed to constantly improving the Community, for the benefit of the Community.
  • Our Canberra is true to Canberra: As much as humanly possible, we'll hire the services of other local Canberra businesses and contract work out to local Canberra developers and website administrators.

As Our Canberra is a brand new community your donations will also be used to help us succeed and grow via our marketing campaigns. During 2013 we will be advertising ourselves to 40,000 local families through a massively co-ordinated marketing strategy.

Where will my funds go?

Our Canberra is run in the open, so head over to the wiki where you'll find our 2013-14 Budget available for full review.

In a nut-shell your funds in our launch year will be used to pay for:

  • The power, Internet connectivity and computer hardware that keeps Our Canberra fast, stable and secure.
  • Flyers, advertisements and information stalls to be set-up in and around Canberra to help grow the community.
  • A solicitor to ensure our by-laws are legally enforceable and well formed.
  • A Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA) to assist us with becoming a registered Australian not-for-profit organisation with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission.

Read to donate?

If you're ready to donate - thank you! You can do so by Direct Deposit, Cheque, Credit Card or cash:

Donate now

Run a business, wish to sponsor us? Please see our Sponsorships page for more information.

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