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About the Content on OurCanberra

There is a range of different content that can be posted to the community (and sub-communities) each with their own unique features and abilities. These content types are:

  • Posts: Posts are any written content where the text is the star, such as a story, a question or a news article. Posts can optionally contain images and other multimedia.
  • Links: Links are hyperlinks to other websites, such as a link to an news article.
  • Multimedia: Multimedia are any images or video. They can optionally contain a brief description of what the multimedia is.

For all three (3) of these above content types, our Content Policy prohibits any businesses from posting content and we encoureage the community to heavily voted down such content. To post commercial or business content, you must submit a paid commerical post:

  • Commercial Posts: Commercial posts are content submitted by businesses that are commercial or advertising in nature. Such content is clearly identified to the community that it may be paid for.

Commercial Posts

Because businesses exist to ultimately make money, their content must be appropriately labelled so that the community knows that the content might be commercial in nature.

Additionally, all funds raised from commerical posts are piped straight back into the community to help improve it.

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